End Of An Era



Well the time has come

For me to move it on along

To a new era of my life

Which has evolved

In many ways

Through both darkness and light

For I have come to a point

And a fork in the road

To where I cannot stay

Because it wouldn’t be fair

It wouldn’t be right

To stagnate and wait

Instead of moving forward

And brightening up my light

Even more

Reaching new heights and levels

And further soar

Along in my poetic and artistic

Journey ahead

As destiny has called

I have answered it

And ready for what’s next

That will be better shown than said

Displayed and heard

And not just read

Reciting along with writing

As this side of me

Now needs to retire

So that the new and improved me

Can inspire and take me much higher

As I move the world

Right along with me indeed

Dismissing and waving goodbye

So that the evolution of me

Can proceed and succeed

And becoming

Exactly what I both

Want and need

So, help me

And as I live and breathe

While drawing into me

Even more energy

And a very sound journey

That will only enhance

My poetic legacy

Both now and forever

And boosting my

Artistic endeavors

And drawing to a close

For this truly is

The end of an era


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