The Narrow Road



My path to poetry 

And within poetry 

Is a journey with no end 

And a rebel with a cause 

That’s keeps it real 

And never pretends 

But also, not one moment 

That this is on pause 

When it comes to this thing 

Called poetry 

For it has become 

One of the best parts of me 

And from day one 

I couldn’t wait to see 

And was quite ecstatic 

A poetic fanatic 

And exactly where 

It all would go 

And truth be told 

With an avid destiny 

As this poetic path 

Of my life 

Has been on the narrow road 

Straight forward 

And going towards 

The very place and moments in time 

Right where I wanted to be 

As I’m thinking and looking 

Back on creative memories 

While on my poetic grind 

Done with a smile 

And will forever be mine 

With a shout out also 

To all of those that helped 

Push my artistical work along 

Supporting and reading 

Both near and far reaching 

Enjoying and feeding 

Off of my poetic energy 

As many times felt as if 

They were taking the journey 

Right along with me 

In the passenger and back seats 

And couldn’t wait for 

My next poetical feat 

And lyrical feature 

Yet sounding off 

With a roar and purr 

And sending out poetic waves  

At various rates and tones 

With such energy and passion 

As I conduct and construct 

Even more poetical overtures 

Because here I can’t go wrong 

For I just can’t leave it alone 

As poetry has been my comfort 

And second home

Many times, when it was needed most 

And for that I’d like to make a toast 

To the art form that I 

Have loved the most 

As it and I 

Have traveled this world together 

Through the literary 

As many words and lines 

Have been created over time 

The lyrics and rhymes 

And allowing my light 

To bypass glowing 

But rather shine 

Brightly instead 

And being so sublime 

Both inside and outside 

Of my heart and head 

While developing and evolving 

My original and poetically charged 

Writing style 

And been at this for a while 

With many more miles to go 

For what I know 

Is that it is time for 

Further growth 

And to carry this out 

With an evolved poetic flow 

So, I’m just leaving it all out there 

And closing the book 

On this version of  

My poetic show 

For this is my exit 

And final episode 

But will always be in 

My poetic mode 

For you can always catch me 

I suppose 

Staying on and moving on 

To the next destination 

Without any hesitation 

And ready to unload 

Pursuing and traveling along 

As my evolution unfolds 

And will never run out of fuel 

Or oxygen 

As I have journeyed down 

But now going beyond 

The narrow road 


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