Passionate Poetic Thoughts



I seek

I sought

I fight

I fought

Both inside and outside

Of my artistic mind

Filled completely to the rim

Of my internal glass

Both now and in times past

With very passionate poetic thoughts

As a poetic individual

That thinks radical and critical

With words and lines

Lyrics and rhymes

Just burning constantly

And fiercely inside

Predicated and dedicated

To my life’s work

And realizing by the day

My own self worth

Reach but never halt

Teach but also taught

The pepper and salt

And the master of my own


That gets enhanced through every

Poetic creation

For this world and its issues

Is what I’m constantly facing

And with hope

And through hope

Do some replacing

And partial erasing

All while leaving my mark

At the very same time

With power seen and felt

Through every single

Poetic word and line

And do so in kind

Replay and rewind

While on my poetic grind

And be a poet of the times

With an art and through an art

That always shines

Combines and realign

How it and I

See this world

As I cast a spotlight

Upon it and letting my light

Forever shine

And being my own boss

Always going after what I

Seek and sought

And with every breath

Count the costs

Of this life of mine

And refusing to be confined

By negative labels

As I’m more than capable

And both willing and able

For even I have gained much

Through lessons and loss

For I live for this here

And can see it through these eyes

Each time the poetic gets tossed

As I’m encased and absorbed

And preoccupied with both of

My private and exposed

Passionate poetic thoughts


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