In The Middle Of The Field



Just standing about out here 

In the middle of this field 

Looking all around 

In deep silence 

And in deep thought 

For it also feels like 

Time itself is standing still 

And just my presence 

Is what I brought 

Here and now 

Yet somehow 

As I look around 

I have both  

A smile and frown 

As my mind is wandering 

And running wild with thoughts 

Of both positive and negative 

And realizing in this very moment 

That this place could easily be 

Somewhere to die but also live 

With a small tear forming 

Within my brown eyes 

And thinking upon a point in time 

Where melanated lives 

Meant nothing here 

But also thought 


That this also could have been 

A chance for great growth and pride 

And on the rise 

Right as a light breeze 

And cooled within a few degrees 

Allowed for peace and harmony 

Instead of being on the knees 

So, as I move about here 

I think on this instead 

With bountiful wheat growing  

All around and couldn’t wait 

To be out here again 

But of my own free will 

And growing something else 

Looking back on this later 

And quite proud of myself 

As well as others  

Just like me 

And planting better seeds 

That will one day sprout roots 

For the strongest of trees 

And looking up at the sky 

With my hands and head held high 

And to only One that I yield 

As I bask in the presence and essence 

Of all of this right here 

Along with a sun filled skin and shield 

Standing gladly in the center of

And the in the middle of the field 


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