Within The Confines



Feeling like 

I’m always walking and wandering 

Down an aisle 

At times 

Fully enclosed with no opening 

Anywhere in site 

Slight shade and with a bit of light 

When it comes to roaming this world 

And especially in this sundrenched skin 

Like being in a maze 

For days on end

And stuck in a haze 

For no matter what direction I turn 

It all just looks and stays the same 

And not seeing a beginning or end 

Yet unfortunately 

This has become the norm 

Standard and trend 

For so many of those 

That look similar to me 

And up against the world 

For as far as I can see 

With my back against the wall 

On bended knee as I crawl

And losing a constant battle 

Often feeling rattled 

And baffled 

After a fall 

The click and clacks 

And most of the time 

Feeling purposely targeted 

And under attack 

Because to this melanated 

Life and soul

This comes as no surprise 

Just only a matter of fact 

All while feeling myself 

Naturally react 

To all of the chaos around 

And everywhere I look 

Along with all directions 

In one way or another 

As it rears its ugly head 

And can surely be found 

For this has happened over 

A long period of time 

And still very much alive 

Until this very day 

As this is the way 

That I see it 

Live it 

Breathe it 

Receive it 

Experience it 

For most of the time 

As I constantly 

Feel and realize 

That I reside in this world 

Within the confines 


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