A Mere Whisper



Feeling this world 

All of the time 

Feeling the vibes all around 

Both in the air 

And the ground 

Quietly and with much sound 

Feeling both  

The cries and whimpers 

For I stay connected in ways 

To where these things and more 

Come to me in a mere whisper 

The poor getting poorer 

The rich getting richer 

And calling this chaos order 

Along with some kind of  

Liberty and freedom 

But to do what exactly 

With so many trapped 

In indoctrination  

And subliminal programming 

For I see the world 

For what it truly is 

Because my eyes are open 

And many thoughts reside 

Inside of my mind 

That have gone many times 


And sometimes feeling 

Helpless and frozen 

To wanting to do more 

As I 

Feel this on the daily 

Definitely and not maybe

And wrestle with the unsavory 

At my very core 

Looking and seeking diligently 

For the things that go unseen 

Hidden and running lean 

Thin instead of thick 

Along with too many  

Games and tricks 

For I’ve truly have had 

Enough of the dumb and asinine 

For if you look in any one corner 

This foolishness you will find 

And messing with my critical mind 



Yet in still 

I refuse to just sit idly by 

As this aims to dim my light 

Instead of shine 

Just hanging around  

Above my head  

Like steady light fixtures 

And being one of those people 

That always see the bigger 

And whole picture 

From being too much around 

All of the things 

That bring 

Disaster constantly 

And not enough 

To be and go about  


But yet always hoping 

Because I must 

For in man also 

I do not hang my trust 

And to longer be 

Out of sorts 

Or out of touch 

With my spiritual self 

And whole being 

Because people and this world 

Change with the seasons 

And just wishing and praying 

That life was so much simpler 

As I stay connected in ways 

To where these things and more 

Come to me 

And speak to me 

In a mere whisper 


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