A Recipe For Disaster



With all of the hatred 

That breathes and grows by the day 

Along with all of the racism 

That spreads and poisons all in its wake 

From making the same errors and mistakes 

And have the entire world 

Feeling some kind of way 

About it all 

And blind to the real fate 

But if it doesn’t come to an end 

And soon 

It will be our utter downfall 

For a race war 

Could be equal to if not worst 

Than a full scale one 

Fought with weapons 

For as long as we’ve all been around 

How come no one has learned  

This very important lesson 

The world and many nations 

In distress 

Under duress 

And accepting of anything less 

And claiming it’s at our best 

Calling complete failures success 

And true success failures 

For many are against 

Making valiant and necessary efforts 

To right many wrongs and also 

Try to clear the air 

But the real reason that this hasn’t  

Occurred or taken place 

In any case 

Is because not enough people 

Actually care  

As to what will happen 

As to what needs to or not happen 

Standing back clapping at ignorance 

And ongoing bigotry 

For we all really need 

To wake up and see 

That none of this 

Ever got us anywhere good 

Nor that it ever will 

Sitting and lying down in place 

As even worse gets revealed 

Lips kept sealed 

Or pretending like 

None of this is even real 

Or happening on the daily 

But it does and has for some time 

As most will find 

Especially those that are affected  

By this the most 

Laughing it up 

And continuing to boast 

While the world is headed 

Down a path 

That will end up burnt like toast 

The aftermath that follows catastrophe 

And just where will you be 

When the dust settles 

Once all is said and done 

And laying in mass ruins 

Because we refused 

To live in peace and harmony 

And much love captured 

For this and more people 

Is a recipe for disaster 


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