The World In Black And White



Seeing and living 

In this black and white world 

With the shade and situations 

Of the intricacies of gray 

Are not present here 

Nor seen at all 

For a war has been going on 

Between one and all 

Within the confines 

Of the black 

And the white 

Looking left and right 

The good 

The bad 

This and that 

Lies and facts 

Truths and how we react 

Both near and far-reaching 

Along with all of the 

Black and white thinking 

The positives 

The negatives 

The simplistic 

The realistic 

The black and white 

In the wholeness thereof  

And the full spectrum and dichotomy 

As the avid division and contrast 

Between these two 

Tell and spell out many things 

And what all comes with this 

Opposed and being 

Entirely two different things 

On a scale of epic proportions 

Being and living within 

Very twisted positions 

A constant contortion 

And dispersion 


And the emergence 

Of various factors 

That feeds into the unnecessary 

Instead of the much-needed necessities 

For if we 

Could only see 

And get out of our own ways 

Along with our 

So-called personal understandings 

Circling within the levels 

Of mentality and physicality 

And the emotionality 

Not always based in factuality 

And practicality 

Just preconceived notions and ideas 

That tend to breed chaos 

Based upon fear 

The stereotypical 

Along with many misconceptions 

In every direction 

As well as the unclear 

That lies in every individual 

Representing and presenting 

And basking constantly within 

The unrelenting 

That just gives way 

To more destruction 

Misdirection and the unconstructive 

That just runs with the seasons 

And all of the illogical 

Masquerading as logical 

Along with drawing many conclusions 

In a sorely misplaced and vague 

Capacity of deductive reasons 

That produces even more 

Delusions and seclusions 

That goes completely against 

That which is purely and solely 

Natural and cohesive 

And seen as a collective whole 

As we sit by and watch 

More darkness unfold 

And fighting instead of uniting 

As all of this 

Continues to grow 

And seeming permanent 

In many ways 

And unfortunately for us 

It is always on display 

But we have become 

So accustomed to this 

And overly comfortable with this 

Looms and we’re consumed 

As it persists but we don’t bother to resist 

For this lies in the standard and norm 

But we should not continue 

To accept and conform 

And awake from this storm 

While diligently seeking 

The light and to that which is right 

For this and so much more 

Is the world in black and white 


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