Truncated Timetable



This life and world 

Is on a serious 

And continuous 

Truncated timetable 

And the real question here is 

Does anyone see this 

Realize this 

As the years go by 

As the time just flies by 

Is anyone observing all of this 

Or even asking why 

As many go to sleep 

Interrupted and disrupted 

While others sleep soundly 

And proudly 

Like receiving a lullaby 

As much complies by the day 

Always on display 

Many in dismay 

As even more calamity 

Is constantly taking more  

Forms and shapes 

But does anyone see it 

Acknowledge it 

As the very sand in the hourglass 

Is running down 

And winding down 

Just take the time  

To really look around 

As this and more 

Consistently surrounds us all 

As the world is steady spiraling 

Into further downfall 

And just spinning out of control 

As many can’t even stand 

For their lives are at 

A standstill and crawl 

As many have sincerely 

Dropped the ball 

On many things 

And to what that could have 

Brought and brings 

And under the delusion 

Of thinking that 

Freedom and peace actually ring 

As even nature itself 

Is beginning to sing out 

And reach out 

But no one is really paying attention 

To what all of this is really about 

Or even for 

Just going through life 

By the day 

Yet ignore and completely unaware 

Or either don’t care 

About all of the pertinent and vital factors 

That should really be paid attention to 

And what it is and will do 

At all times 

For too much is dark in this world 

And without enough light and shine 

Going on and along like nothing 

Is even happening or occurring 

While on the daily grind 

As most will find 

That we reside 

In the unwilling but able 

As we and for we 

Are all being calculated 

And fall within 

This truncated timetable 


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