Position Of Power



Being humble 

And strong by the hour 

For as a man 

And a melanated one 

I must always come from 

A position of power 

I must never quit or fail 

For I have not the luxury 

Nor ever doing so 

As I move about life 

And this world 

Making improvements to myself 

And continuing to grow 

For what I know 

Is that I would like to expand 

My knowledge and mind 

Much much further 

As do so in ways 

Unlike any other 

Critically and radically 

And in peace 

Yet allowing my awareness of things 

And my intelligence to increase 

And become a wonder 

That will never cease 

To amaze 

And for the rest of my days 

As I 

Aim and deem 

Seek and cling 

To more strength and will 

By the hour 

For as a melanated man 

I have to always come from 

A position of power 

To stand my guard 

And to stand my ground 


Both night and day 

Say what I mean 

Mean what I say 

And always convey 

And a sign of display 

Of increasing desire and energy 

To become the best  

That I can be 

And indicate frequently 

The best parts of me 

Sharing but also protecting 

Myself from the coldness 

Of the world 

Because in this dark skin 

I often find myself 

Having to twist and twirl 

All too much 

And sometimes even when  

I don’t want to 

But I choose 

To live the right way 

And shine a light on the world 

That will shine each and every day 

As I 

Navigate throughout this life 

Trying and attempting 

To put out fires 

Before they become worse 

Or be a living example 

Of how good men 

Go forth doing something 

To help facilitate  

Much needed change 

And move on this constantly 

And diligently 

Even when to others 

That this may seem strange 

But I push on 

And must go on 

Just the same 

Despite whatever may come my way 

Or try to disrupt and interrupt 

My avid path and mission 

For I have every intention 

To be exactly how 

I have mentioned 

And do so without fail 

For I feel ever so compelled 

To become a better man 

And with hopes 

That no matter what 

Most people will accept and understand 

And if not 

I must still travel on 

And roll along 

Be prone 

To help right wrongs 

And inject more hope 

As the equivalent and antidote 

Of a world that has truly 

Lost its way 

And I care enough to actually say 

Yet state things as they are 

And not afraid to speak my mind 

Or even write some poetic lines 

Just to show where I stand 

And shall always be 

For this is me 

As most will come to realize 

And see 

Fulfilling my purpose and destiny 

Every day 

And every night 

By the hour 

And well aware of 

My possession of 

Sun filled power 

And poetic prowess 

As I  

Refuse to accept 

Anything less 

Than spiritual success 

As I  

Gaze and look out 

Unto the world 

From my melanated 

But understated tower 

For as a dark man 

That aims to expand 

I must exude 

And always come from  

A position of power 


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