Poetic World Dimension



Bypassing the opposition 

As I constantly work on 

My poetic world dimension

Self-value and awareness 

And not accepting 

Of anything less 

Than being my true self 

Because exactly what else 

Is there 

Be it that I choose to be 

Self-conscious and aware 

Of myself and my surroundings 

Yet calling it fair 

And absolutely don’t care 

What others may think 

As this world is on the brink 

Continues to sink 

And just riding the hairy edge 

Along with tip toeing 

Right off the ledge 

Of chaos and mass destruction 

And having to decipher 

And shuffle through 

All of the mess that goes on 

All day and night long 

But I no matter what 

Will still travel and move along 

As I leap over 

And walk in stealth mode 

Through the pit and patter 

And ignoring the useless 

Chit and chatter 

And being the opposite 

Of the mad hatter 

And being ever so  



Poetically sensical 

Steering clear of worldly rituals 

But regaining myself 

Through the spiritual 

And the poetical 

That I deem to be critical 




And grateful 

For the chance 

To do my song and dance 

Is the one corner of the world 

As I  

Continue to curl and hurl 

Myself in ways 

That may seem outlandish to some 

On certain nights and days 

As I 

Continue to further engage 

With the poetical 

And staying ever present 

Yet also credible 

As I 

Live and sleep 


And make it edible 


As I 

Will ingest and digest it 

For the remainder of my days 

And feeling some way 

About it all the time 

And done through 

And shown through 

Every poetic word and line 

And rhyme

For if poetry is a crime 

Then I 

Will always be found guilty 

Through all that I bring 

Sound off and ring 

As I stand for 

Even more 


As I 

Continue to bypass 

The opposition 

And journey on  

And holding on tightly 

To my standards and morality 

And will never be 

In contravention 

As I 

Having thoroughly and summarily 

Prepared myself for 

My poetic world dimension


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