In The Calm And Stillness Of It All



Taking a stroll outside 

Into the heavy wooded area 

That just seems to be 

In its very own world 

Or as it looks to my eyes 

And got me feeling some way inside 

For right here  

It gives the impression 

That it has virtually stopped time 

Or at least for a little while 

For I can’t help but smile 

Walking through here 

With not one ounce of fear 

For the very serene and tranquil 

Surroundings here 

Feel exactly as it appears 

To be and what I see 

Is an environment 

That has been waiting just for me 

To pay a visit 

For what exactly is it 

About this place 

That is calming the very pace 

Of my pulse 

Slowing down my heart 

That had begun to race 

Prior to coming here 

For nothing about this area 

Seems out of place 

Or out of sorts 

As it’s giving off 

A very seasonal and autumn kind of vibe 

With even the right amount of light 

Both inside and outside 

For I have to say 

That I am pleasantly surprised 

In this moment 

And this time of day 

For I just can’t wait 

To see what else here 

Will begin to take shape 

Just quiet and with  

The right amount of silence 

As I 

See it and I forging 

A long-standing alliance

For it just so happens 

To be the way it is 

For I can see such a place 

Being somewhere I would like 

To permanently live 

As I bask in its ambience and aura 

And with very little vibration 

Oh, what a sensation

As if this piece of land 

Caused the entire world to stand still 

And I want to be selfish 

With this place 

And keeping my lips sealed 

Having it all to myself 

And waiting ever so patiently 

On whatever else it may want 

To reveal 

For I simply wandered over here 

And found a unique place 

To plot and secure my escape 

From the rest of the cataclysms of this world 

For the words to describe here 

Have no need for a euphemism 

As I only want to do 

Is just curl up here 

With not a care at all 

And enjoy the similar visual 

Of the season of fall 

For my want and need  

Of this place 

Will not be conditional 

As it will feed my soul 

With a peaceful and natural 

State of being 

For this wonder of a place 

Doesn’t require any 

Explanation or reason 

Other than I have every intention 

Of spending more of life here 

Relaxing and resting 

While I stare and gaze 

Into the upper atmosphere 

All from right here 

For I see doing this 

Among many nights and days 

For when I finally decide 

To disappear out here 

I won’t even leave a trace 

For it was not chance 

That this visit and time took place 

As I feel me and this area 

Just came face to face 

As was always intended 

Standing here amongst it all 

In mind 

Body and spirit 

And finding myself 

Constantly grinning 

Completely infatuated and enthralled 

For here is where  

I have chosen to stay 

In the calm and stillness of it all 


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