For I Dream In Color



Living life at times 

In black and white 

And sometimes gray 

Both by night and day 

And feeling the array 

Of so many things 

And all that life 

Can often bring 

Being very much in reality 

Or at least what it seems 

But yet instead 

I dream in color 


And basking in all shades 

Along with the various combinations 

That are vivid and wild 

Unlike any other 

For I dream in color 

Each time I go to sleep 

And even in the middle of the day 

That I might even daydream 

As I pass through this dirty world 

And try to come out of it 

On the other side clean 

As I 

Address my inner thoughts 

And being wrought 

From many experiences 

That claim to want to take 

My very dignity away 

But yet in still 

I continue to move 

And slay 

Whatever might come my way 

And in my direction 

As I’m constantly adjusting 

And making 

Necessary course corrections 

And my avid obsession 

With the poetic arts 

For I don’t see an end 

But I have observed a start 

For I refuse to allow 

This world to tear me apart 

Or come apart at the lively seams 

As I move forward and towards 

The very goals and plans 

That occupy my dreams 

For with me 

I am what I seem 

For what you  

Will see 

When staring at me 

Is fire and a desire 

That reeks of melanated energy 

So just let me be 

Breach and reach 

My dreams 

As I 

Continue to set sail 

And plot a course 

For even better things 

That will allow me 

To level up 

And evolve into something 

That will surpass even the most 

Outstanding of dreams 

And notwithstanding 

Through many opposing 

Obstacles and conditions 

For I have every intention 

And never be in contravention 

Of my set forth mission 

That will become even more 

Of a reality 

And making 

My very dreams come true 

And this is exactly what 

I set out to do 

For with this life and world 

I am far from being through 

And staying the course 

Along with fulfilling my destiny 

Is what I will always choose 

Whether barefoot or in shoes 

Tired or energetic 

For as long as I don’t quit 

And always persevere 

Then in my mind 

I can never lose 

For what I have right here 

Are dreams that surpass 

The black and white of life 

All while bypassing darkness 

And embracing the light 

Both now and forever 

As I continue to go forth 

And dream in color 


And basking in all shades 

Along with the various combinations 

That are vivid and wild 

Both night and day 

And unlike any other 

For I dream in color 

For I dream in color 


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