The Unforeseeable



Life went in a direction 

That was unprepared for 

And was never ready for it 

Didn’t see it coming 

Although quite alarming 

And disturbing 

Both from the seen and unseen 

Exposed and hidden 

And realizing in this moment 

That this is only the beginning 

For what lies ahead 

For what is on the way 

May be even more cataclysmic 

Especially when the complex 

And complicated 

Has become even more realistic 

But hardly simplistic 

Far from terrific 

As this places your mind  

Within the unknown 

And in another district 

Or so it seems 

The black 

The white 

And the gray in between 

The spoken and unspoken 

The realized and unrealized 

And the very presence  

In front of your eyes 

Yet despised 

And not a good surprise 

Both the closed and open 

And the very notions 

Both noticed and unnoticed 

As all of this more 

Tends to compound 

And completely surrounds 

In and out of bounds 

For what is unfound 

And also found 

Both in the air 

And on the ground 

Underneath and on the surface 

And happening both on accident 

And also, on purpose 

Shadows lurking 

All while seeking and searching 

For answers to questions 

That you don’t even know  

To ask quite yet 

And taking a bet 

On what may be left 

And what may be right 

As opposed to wrong 

And hope to realize soon 

Exactly what is really going on 

As you move about and along 

This cold world 

As you twist and twirl 

In the wind 

Like a kite 

That has barely taken flight 

But truly hoping in silence 

And in your quiet thoughts 

That everything else will be alright 

And just fall into place 

But just how often 

Is this the actual case 

And trying to make a way 

Or even replace one thing for another 

Both out in the open 

And also, undercover 

For what you have come to discover 

Through various indications 

Are complications of epic proportions 

And living life along with others 

Basking constantly in much distortion 

For you only want and desire 

Your portion of a good life 

And with hopes that 

You get it right 

Leaving darkness and stepping into light 

Even despite 

All that has befallen you 

As you diligently hope 

To seek out the truth 

And what is actual real 

For along with doing so 

You hope that time itself 

Will stand still 

As it and life 

Will one day become fully agreeable 

And to expose you to 

And take you further into 

The unknown depths of understanding 

And knowledge 

Along with complete preparation 

For the unforeseeable 


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