I will be me 

I like me 

I love me 

I sleep and eat me 

Awake and sleep 


And in this melanated skin 

With a beginning and no end 

Yet seen as a constant and negative trend 

Yet in still 

And against all odds 

I will continue to be me 

As I am truly 


Made of a rich and dark 

Sun absorbing and natural synthetic 

Poetically magnetic 

With energy that lies 

Somewhere between 

The kinetic 

As I am 

A living and breathing 

Walking and talking 

Poetic machine 

Among many other things 

That this life of mine 

And culture of mine 

Has brought and brings 

As I 

Sought and seek out 

And reach out 

Without a shadow of doubt 


Yet continuously 

And diligently 

Aiming to be 

At my best 

All while leaving much room  

For improving 

Upon myself 

In order to have more success 

So just stay out of my way 

As the freight train that is me 

Moves and runs constantly 

And steadily 

Rolling only forward 

And heading towards 

The very destiny 

That has been prepared 

And waiting for me 

To give it my all 

To give it my best and for 

The best chances of residual success 

That can come from only one 


As my thoughts stay critical 

And always seeing through 

My poetic visuals 

Never trivial 

Just lyrical 

While jumping many leaps and bounds 

And won’t ever allow 

Anyone or anything 

To slow me down 

For how you may see me 

For what you may say about me 

Will not change anything here 

As I will always 


And reaching and soaring heights 

That will even rival 

The very atmosphere 

With the mission and purpose 

Both underneath and on the surface 

Is to shine my spotlight 

Over the world 

And make it well known 

Yet never render

An apology

For being me and writing this poetry 

As I will not leave it alone 

Nor ever abandon who I am 

Or where I always stand 

For my plan 

Is to leave a legacy behind 

And show the world 

Just what measure of man 

I was and really am 

And built a firm foundation 

That was not constructed on sand 

But rather solid ground 

For being me 

And in this skin 

And writing and reciting poetry 

Is where I can always be found 

For being me and living my life 

Is something that no one 

Will ever take away 

Or make me regret it 

For I am strong 

All day and night long 

For I will always be 

And convey me 

And display me 

For I will never run away from it 

Nor dread it 

For this is me world 

As I am here 

And as I stand here 

Ever present 

Completely and totally 



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