Trying to fall asleep 

But just can’t 

Due to so much on my mind 

That seems significant 

As the world and all of its intricacies 

Tends to haunt my very mind 

Most of the time 

Both day and night 

But in the middle of the night 

All of this and more 

Along with whatever is poetic 

Knocks at the door 

Of my inner core 

With thoughts that just won’t 

Allow me to shut my eyes 

As I 

Spend doing this often 

Even when not wanted 

Or warranted 

Being awake 

When I should be asleep instead 

Up writing and researching 

Instead of going to bed 

For what can be said here 

Is that always persevere 

But simultaneously 

Reeking from a fear 

Of being unable to slow down 

My mind and thoughts 

And over a long period of time 

Even though never truly sought 

But not getting enough rest 

Can also cost 

In more ways than one 

And being awake at times 

Like this 

Is not always fun 

When all is said and done 

And just hoping that  

The coordination of my  

Body and mind 

Can get back on track 

For here I am 

As a poetic artist 

And unfortunately, at times 

As a matter of fact 

And ended up being 

A real insomniac 


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