Skyward (Part 2)



Heading steadily 

Forwards and towards 

To the sky above 

And wanting to describe this yearning 

That I have inside 

With much to speak of 

For this is one journey 

That I can truly afford 

As I takeoff 

And move skyward 

Getting settled into a groove 

As being up here 

Tends to always self-soothes 

For up here 

I have nothing to prove 

And nothing to lose 

For up here 

I see only blue 

But up here though 

I never feel the blues 

Just clear and sunny sky 

And gliding along 

As I see the clouds roll by 

And feeling as if I

Always belonged up here 

Sending me repeated invitations 

And constantly signaling  

My entire being 

To ignite my inner and outer 


With a swift and soft sensation 

And smiling the whole time 

As I soar to vast destinations 

Over coming and by-passing physics 

From my very core 

As I gravitate more 

To the realistic and simplistic 

Ways that this occurs 

As I ride and glide along the horizon 

Because this flight is not only 

For the birds 

As my might 

Is very strong 

While I appear now 

But then go out of sight 

And local range 

For this may seem strange 

To everyone else 

But I am rather enjoying myself 

If I must say so 

Just flying through the air 

And through the sky 

With no specific place in mind 

Of where I want to go 

For I have all the time 

In the world 

To just enjoy 

Relax and let go 

As I twist and twirl 

And moving about the sky 

Don’t ask me how 

Don’t ask me why 

For in this moment 

I have left the ground behind 

And wanting to say goodbye 

From this day forward 

For this is the life I choose 

And will continue on 

Well beyond 

Skyward part two 


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