As I’m currently in deep thought 

While staring at the ground 

It was right then in that moment 

That I look skyward 

With the sky looking back 

And right down  

Upon me 

Clouds passing by 

And the sun out in full force 

As I 

Desire to fly 

And plot my course 

Skyward bound 

Just leaving the ground 

For just a little while 

And taking to the sky 

Without even making a sound 

Not asking why 

Because there is no need 

For to soar above 

Is where I feel 

I can truly succeed 


And could do this for 

Days and days 

And I’m not going through a phase 

But instead 

Making way 

So that I 

Can prepare for launch 

And aim to climb much higher 

Yet well above the trees 

Flying around at all angles 

And many degrees 

Just riding the wind 

That sails over and underneath 

My very wings 

And just moving 

Onward and forward 

For my destination 

Is only skyward 


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