The Fire That Grows



The fire in me 

That reeks of poetry 

Built for poetry 

Grows and grows 

Both daily and nightly 

Both inside and outside of me 

And as I 

Reach out for more fuel 

To pour on top of this 

And turn it even more 

Into a blazing flame 

And with high poetic 

Oxygen levels 

That will also remain 

Be unchanged 

For I simply refuse to refrain 

From leaving poetry 

As it fills 

Every area of my heart and brain 

And ever since poetry introduced  

Itself to me 

My life has been forever changed 

Fire and desire 

Passion and fiery reactions 

And on the poetic grind and grain 

With a poetic and blazing flame 

For when poetry opened the door 

And my destiny began to soar 

I knew right then and there 

That nothing would ever be the same 

As I bask and grasp 

But never collapse 

When it comes to this poetic game 

But perhaps 

Willingly be taken and trapped 

And showing no signs ever  

Of withdrawal or a relapse 

For I was made for this 

Can’t resist 

So, I persist 

And was built for this 

As many will 

Experience and witness 

My poetic flow 

Poetical fire and coals 

Poetic volcano 

Poetical reactor 

That is always ready to blow 

And poetically explode 

As I  

Continue to factor in 

Every angle and piece 

Of the poetic trend 

And show off but never throw off 

My very own and unique 

Poetic style 

That is known as Floetry 

And doing so with a smile 

For quite a while 

As I single-handedly 

Combine and compile 

Speak and write 

Take flight 

Poetry that rips and bite 

Puts up a fight 


Absorbs much light 

Oh so right 


And taking me 

To entirely new heights 

As the world will come to know 

So, watch me and poetry 

Both lose and gain control 

As the energy and synergy 


Increases within me 

And aiming to be 

Striving to be 

And becoming 

The poetic epitome 

As I continue to be 

A poetical anomaly 

With a very avid 

And natural flow 

As poetry seeks 

To scorch and spread 

The fire that grows 


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