Affinity For Poetry



I have an affinity 

For poetry 

That seeks to 

Reside within me 

As I bask in the lyrical and literary

Then scatter to the 

Outside of me 

And seeking  

The paper and pen 

And right then 

I begin 

To write what is on my mind 

Circling there 

Over a long or short 

Period of time 

As with poetry I find 

My chance to unwind 

Cross many borders and lines 

Word by word 

Line by line 

With every single 

Rhyme and non-rhyme 

For the fire and desire 

Within is where  

The creativeness of poetry begins 

For with poetry 

I always feel that I win 

And never tire 

Nor will my interest of it 

Ever expire 

But rather 

Take me higher 

Than even I could ever imagine 

Or ever go 

And with a style and flow 

That will send out poetic shock waves 

Many times, over and also in a row 

As the world will come to know 

So, watch me 

And witness unique 

Poetry in the making 

And an amazing art 

That is for the taking 

For those who are ready 

To fully commit 

And aren’t afraid 

To truly express themselves 

No matter what 

And hone this craft 

Through much passion and trust 

And in this way 

It will never seem or become 

Too much 

As I plan to do this 

From now until infinity 

For I have and possess 

An affinity for poetry 


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