Sewed Up



I am a poet 

That has this poetic game 

Sewed up 

For I haven’t had enough 

For it’s not too much 

And as such 

It can be quite the adrenaline rush 

Getting me through times 

That are often rough and tough 

As I 

Continue to combine

As most will find

While initiating

The planned and executed 

And not out of nowhere or abrupt 

As me and poetry 

Are constantly in touch 

And fully aware

Focused and living within 

A brush of poetic reality 

Exhaling and inhaling the literary 

Thinking ever so critical 

As I exude poeticism 

And the realism

As an artistic individual 

Expressing and showcasing 

With great timing and rhyming 

Through fiery lyricals 

Connected with the spiritual 

Being poetically residual 

And aiming left and right 

Targeting all directions and angles 

And placing the world underneath 

A poetic spotlight 

For poetry never feels wrong 

Just always right 

In and out of sight 

Poetry that bites 

Filled with plenty of poetic fight 

As this is the life 

That was chosen for me 

And as I live and breathe 

Just watch me 

Further succeed 

And planting 

Even more poetical seeds 

And granting me 

More energy and power 

By the seconds 

Minutes and hours 

As we 

Are the roots and the tree 

And at the height 

Of my tower 

Looking down upon the world 

With a pen and paper in hand 

As I 

Overlook the many lands 

As poetry tends  

To have me in a trance 

All the time 

Poetry on the brain 

Poetry on the mind 

Poetry embedded in my heart 

And has been so from the very start 

For I just can’t express this enough 

Or get enough 

Of this thing called poetry 

As it allows me 

To express the many parts of me 

In both want and need 

Fire and passion 

Desire and natural reaction 

Full poetic smoke inside 

And not just a mere puff 

So, feel me on this 

Because I can never resist 

And will persist 

As long as poetry and I exist 

For I am built to last 

And poetically tough 

For I am a poet 

That has this poetic game 

Completely sewed up 


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