The Formula



For I have found 

The formula 

That me and poetry 

Continue to 

Be and feed 

See and need 

And based upon many factors 

Along at such a degree 

That I feel at times 

Like a poetical reactor 

With fire and energy 

That reeks of a chemical reaction 

Blended together with my  

Poetic vision 

And as I  

Make for more poetic provisions 

And creating a poetic 

But surgical incision 

Upon this world 

And seek to enhance 

Revitalize and romance 

This world 

In a flood of poetry 

As my style and potion 

And makes notion 

Of the Floetry 

That took me 

Along with much time and energy 

Effort and synergy 

To formulize and realize 

My own unique blend of poetry 

That would go with the times 

Past or present 

And exude yet ooze 

Such a poetic essence 

That would take me and poetry 

Even beyond the future 

And quite sure 

Of my evolution 

As me and poetry 

Are a chemical solution 

That is both neutral and balanced 

So poetical and with a  

Granite release 

Bubbling and increasing 

With an intensity 

And having the propensity 

Along with the tendency 

An avid proclivity 

For poetry 

Is the gravity 

Of the situation always 

As I write and recite 

Both night and day 

And doing it my way 

As I have the poetic right 

To formulate and initiate 

Both in the dark and the light 

As well as formulize a pattern 

Of poetic goodness and richness 

As this has become 

My destiny and fate 

And in turn 


With a never-ending fire 

That feeds more oxygen 

To my ever-going poetic desires 

Taking me higher 

Each time I climb and aspire 

And bringing hope 

Along with wanting to inspire 

Everywhere me and poetry go 

Feel my flow 

Many times, in a row 

As I live in the  

Clear and clever 

And fulfilling my mission 

With each rendition 

Along with every intention 

Of leaving behind a legacy 

That went along with my poetic endeavors 

As the world will no doubt see 

Because poetry is in my veins 

Cemented there and will remain 

Flowing freely and unchanged 

And my home on the range 

So, if poetry is what you want 

And what you seek 

Then rest assure 

That I have the recipe 

As me and poetry  

Will be around 

Both modern and circa 

As I’m in my era 

For poetry is the lab 

And I am the formula 


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