Vast Array



This poem is for 

The vast array of poets 

All around the world  

And for the ones brave enough 

To express themselves publicly 

And therefore 

Sharing and allowing us 

To see and read 

Their collective works of art 

As each poet and their poetry 

Is clearly set apart 

Living the poet life 

And basking in the literary 

With the many efforts made 

All while putting on display  

Yet trying to convey in words 

Both the unique and the ordinary 

The mystique and the coldness 

That is alive and well but varies 

Throughout this world of ours 

As poets we think 

Three dimensionally and virtually 

All hours of the day and night 

Radically and critically 

Thinking how to shine a light 

Upon this world 

Through the power of poetry 

So just let us and poetry be 

Exactly what we are 

And where we are going 

Both night and day 

In every poetic way 

As we write and say 

And translate our thoughts and words 

Emotion and expressions 

Upon the page 

With words that want to escape 

The mental and creative cage 

And can’t wait to engage 

With anyone that is within 

Close proximity 

And going well beyond 

Any anonymity 

As poets have a clarity 

That just cannot be matched 

So just watch us as we react 

For poetry lives within us 

And is exactly where it’s at 

Pure fact 

And wanting to remain sharp 

Along with staying on track 

The pin and the tack 

As some would say 

For this poem is for you 

My poets 

And with poetic representation 

Along with the vast arrays 


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