The Edge Of Our Hope



For many are living and looking 

Through a keyhole 

And have become sold 

On the idea 

Of needing less 

And sometimes more 

Constant strife and stress 

And violence galore

As the majority of the world 

Falls under this fold 

As the varying conditions worsen 

And continue to roll 

Some living above 

While others down in the hole 

But I suppose 

Through many hearts froze 

And who knows 

Just where the next catastrophic event 

Will happen and go 

With much time and efforts 

Energy and money spent 

On nothing of real or adequate substance 

Or of any importance

As no one is taking or making

The necessary vote 

That could potentially catapult 

Us all in a better direction 

For too many people 

Are only looking at life 

Through a telescope 

And tunnel vision sections

Suffering from much illness 

But not bothering to ever 

Find the real solutions and cure 

Through vast corrections while 

Injecting and administering 

The necessary antidote 

Procuring and becoming dirty 

In ways that cannot be removed 

Even with the right soap 

For the entire world’s 

pH balance is off 

For we have become 

Truly lost 

Dazed and confused 

And have gotten ourselves 

In a place and position 

That will only cause us 

To further lose 

And not win 

But instead be a witness 

To a disastrous end 

And all due to 

Not really knowing where to begin 

Or where to also stop 

Climbing into the bottom 

Of a sinking ship 

But have convinced everyone 

That they’re at the top 

And trapped in virtual maze 

Stuck in a haze 

And calling it a temporary phase 

When this has gone on 

For many years and days 

Yet constantly on display 

But never really gets conveyed 

As it is 

So, everyone just goes about 

With life  

Thinking and doing as they please 

In order to live 

In ways that gets us 

Absolutely nowhere 

Due to less and less care 

Consistent unfair 

Yet persistently declare 

That everything is fine and alright 

But how can this be 

When this has gone 

So far away from anything remotely 

Representing light 

Trying to grab and grope 

At something that just isn’t there 

And becoming 

Less and less aware 

As the days and time goes by 

And basically, traveling to 

The end of the rope 

So, the real question here is 

Have we finally reached 

The edge of our hope 


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