For we  

As a world and society 

Are living within 

An upside down and corkscrew 

Of a reality 

Just manifesting chaos by the day 

And oozing calamity each night 

In so many ways 

And at times 

Just too many to even name 

Due to things always 

Remaining the same 

And without the necessary change 

For we’re just reliving 

And playing out the same old game 

But this fact seems to be 

Often missing from the brain 

For to be better 

And to get better 

We must become  

Truly unplugged 

Leaving this matrix behind 

And pulling the wool 

From over our eyes 

Get with the times 

And really begin to realize and live out 

Our true purposeful and intended lives 

Not the how 

Not the why 

But instead kiss the lies 

Falsehood and deceptions away 

And never engage  

With them ever again 

Forego this indoctrinated 

And programmed trend 

So that we can begin 

To think and act for ourselves 

On our own behalf 

And doing what is truly beneficial 

That has never been done 

Or have taken place in times past 

And start to outlast

For the time has come 

To face the real truths 

That surrounds all of us 

And see the truth 

For what it really is 

And with much trust

So that this can actually  

Set us all free 

Filling that absent and dire need

To be received and give

And finally get to live 

So it’s time to leave it all behind 

Sharpen the mind 

Get in tuned 

And come back into focus and realign

Hopefully very soon

With our real natures 

That we should all be eager 

To savor

And hard pressed to find 

Yet realize 

Just how much  

This will change it all 

Right before our very eyes 

So, it’s time 

To get off of the ground 

And take an aerial ride 

That will allow us to soar 

And become even more 

Both outside and inside 

And embrace this with 

The tightest hug 

And fitting perfectly 

As the right sized gloves 

Looking far and high above 

So that we can be better 

Sound better 

Look better 

And live better 

As we must truly become  



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