Many things and people 

Seek to separate us all 

For this and much more 

Has been the utter downfall 

Of society 

And branching off 

In ways for days 

That go further and further away 

From a conscious and morality 

That continues to convey 


Hold back 

And reshape 

All that needs to be changed 

All that needs to be rearranged 

Yet seen as something strange 

And of non-importance 

And insignificance 

As true humanity 

And the real human condition 

Has just come and went 

And wouldn’t engage or accept 

The truth and light 

Even if it was innocent 

Or heaven sent 

Staying bent 

And refusing to relent 

All while relegating 

More and more people 

And cultures to succumb 

To being subjugated 

Nicely hated 

While peace has all but faded 

Even further into oblivion 

And smiling at the mere view 

Of utter destruction 

As we are all 

Walking through this gate 

And sincerely hoping 

That necessary change comes along 

And reigns supreme 

Before it is too late 

Because we continue 

To make the very same mistakes 

Over and over again 

And pretend 

That everything is perfectly  

Fine and okay 

As more and more people 

Are feeling isolated 

By the day 

And when it comes to the 

Melanated individuals 

This is certainly the case 

As them and others 

Would clearly like 

To switch things up 

In a particular way 

And reinvent what it means 

To truly separate 


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