Isolated System



A system created 

That only serves those 

That are a part of it 

And no one else 

Created for them and to be self-serving 

And only serve self 

But the problem with this  

Is that it doesn’t include anyone else 

Or the rest of the world 

Doesn’t benefit anyone outside of the  

Mandatory social circles 

And of course 

That was greatly established on purpose 

For this can be seen always 

Both underneath and on the surface 

But this has been and will always be 


And with much urgency and attention given 

To those who often panic

Due to the vile things that come forth 

From being so monetarily driven 

With this being the source

And coming out in full force

Having plotted the course

Of the separation of the classes 

Separation of the races 

In just about all cases 

And primarily 


And also, politically 


And powerful identities 

With an even bigger wealth gap 

And social divide 

Happening daily 

Right before our eyes 

And comprised of the privileged 

Along with the most elite 

Much remaining hidden and discreet 

Stuck on repeat 

But also, very much in plain sight 

Embracing everything wrong 

And foregoing the right 

Acceptance of more darkness 

But shunning the light 

With the absence of love and care 

Peace and harmony 

Is all but non existent 

With no intentions  

Of bringing any of this to fruition 

Which is why the world 

Is entirely suffering from these very conditions 

That’s seeks to enhance only certain ones 

And leaving behind the rest 

As they tend to bite the dust 

And not caring if this is too much 

Or others not having enough 

And as such 

Everyday people 

Continue to have a brush 

Of both an uncertain  

And disturbing reality 

That has always been the mission 

Of attempting to erase 

Any antiquated morality 

That would be of any real benefit 

To the masses 

As this has been and currently is 

The ongoing anthem 

As all of this and more 

Was orchestrated and contemplated 

To become an isolated system 


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