Moments Of Silence



For I am having 

Moments of silence 

When I sit and think often 

About the state of this world 

And the chaos that it’s in

For just where does 

A poet even begin 

To express and describe 

The sign of our times 

The days and nights of our lives 

Closed and open eyes 

With being consumed by darkness 

And less and less 

Light and smiles 

As much of the calamity present 

Has derived and stems from 

Many things of the past 

That have gone unlearned 

With constant repeats and no lessons

And consistent errors

Uncared for and with very little concern 

As most just desire to sit back and watch  

As the world further burns 

And it’s in these moments 

That I look around 

And glance upon a world 

That goes unfilled with many voids 

And with hopes of writing and sharing 

Something that will bring about more hope 

And stir up a little noise 

That will go beyond 

Just looking through the world 

Through a keyhole or scope 

And to inject the world 

With a bit more poetic kindness 

For I often have  

When it comes to this world

Many moments of silence 


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