This world  

Is constantly 


Out of control 

And has taken its toll 

On those of us 

That have my same aesthetic 

As much evil lurks about 

Because more and more people 

Have let it 

And thinking that it was and is 

Okay to hate and mistreat 

A group of people 

Simply by the contents of their 

Dark skin 

And where we go from here 

I don’t know where to even begin 

Not going to say nor indicate 

Placate or debate 

That can’t we all just get along 

And sing a group song 

All the while holding hands 

For we exist and live 

Among many nations and lands 

That have oppressed and suppressed 

The dark-skinned woman and man 

Boy and girl 

As we witness and experience 

By the day 

The whole world 

Twist and twirl 

Into an abyss and oblivion 

And being so money driven 

All while missing the very images 

That indicate the world is spiraling 

And compiling even more chaos 

One by one 

And one after another 

Yet not hesitating 

To take this calamity even further 

Or so it seems 

With the black 

The white 

And the gray in between 

For if anyone  

Is thinking even remotely clear at all 

Then you know exactly what I mean 

For I could keep on 

Going on here 

As all of my points  

Point to something so near 

And clear 

Circling around in the atmosphere 

For I mean what I say 

And is as real and blunt 

As it appears 

With many reeking of fear 

Depression and held back 

From truly having a real life 

Due to an over abundance 

Of stress and strife 

As this has become the life 

Of those who constantly witness 

Many hearts froze 

And suppose to reach out  

But hope for more 

Yet everyone they turn and look 

They see a closed window and door 

Inhaling and exhaling 

The air of a world that is sore 

And prevailing in ways 

That seeks out evil even more 

And all aimed in particular 

To a certain group of people who 

Are and remain the complete opposite 

Of those that take advantage 

Everywhere they go 

And much lighter than  

Their so-called foes 

As the hatred and foolish racism 

Continues to grow 

As we were made and conveyed 

And put on constant display 

As the enemy at all times 

With every action and intention 

Just falls in line with this 

And continues to persist 

And ridiculed immediately 

Just for the mere thought 

To resist 

With many nefarious acts 

Just brewing by the day 

And setup in ways 

That won’t let up any day 

Against those that  

Look like me 

And so, the vile proceeds 

And just bleeds 

Over and around everything 

For what me and my people  

Have consistently found 

Is that the entire world 

As we know it 

Is spiraling 


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