This nation 

As well as many others 

Have plagued many or all 

Of my sisters and brothers 

And going about life 

Like this is nothing 

To even think about 

Or be even remotely 

Concerned about 

As many melanated voices 

Go unheard 

No matter the blue and black tears 

Screams and shouts 

And realizing very quickly 

Exactly what all of this 

Is really about 

As this world 

Is in a state of contortion 

Over many of its portions 

With many underneath and on the surface 

Of a false reality 

Just filled with distortion 

For many empires have been built 

Off of us 

But no one wants to acknowledge this fact 

Even in the presence 

Of many evidential artifacts 

But rather ignore and not react 

Or see the bigger picture 

Along with many other aspects and facets

That are just too many to name 

Pointing fingers 

And playing the blame game 

All while nothing ever gets changed 

And constantly remains 

Yet refusing to lift even one finger 

To rearrange all of this 

And set it right 

Because too many souls and non-souls 

Are wandering and pondering about 

In darkness instead of light 

And with no conscious to speak of 

At all 

As many have collaborated 

Along with collectively planned our demise 

And downfall 

Orchestrating it all 

For a single solitary cause 

But what the world don’t realize 

Is that the very walls 

Are starting to close in 

For until my people  

Are actually liberated 

And given a real chance to live 

Then this world and all of its chaos 

Will never truly come to an end 

For too much karma reeks 

And speaks 


And beginning to reach 

Its peak 

And the sad part is 

No one even sees what’s coming 

Or even prepared for it 

Even though we have  

Every indication and situation show it 

Grow it 

And very little know it 

But this doesn’t negate from  

The very real fact 

That much of this 

So called modern times and life 

Has been under attack for quite sometime 

If only people could truly open 

Their hearts and minds 

And their eyes 

As all of this and more 

Is moving and shifting 

Like the waves and oceans 

As this world of ours 

Is in a very real state 

Of contortion 

Over many of its portions 

With many underneath and on the surface 

Of a false reality 

And much calamity 

Right from the start

With the entire world being pulled apart

And rolling endlessly with commotion 

As necessary change 

Has no real devotion 

For this world as we know it 

Is just running over with 



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