Land Of Despair



A nation surrounded by 

Racism and hatred 

Filled with injustices and discrimination 

Against my people in particular 

For this very nation 

Was built off our oppression 


Sweat and tears 

And of course, I was going  

To mention this here 

During a month that is supposedly 

Dedicated to us 

And making a huge fuss 

Over nothing at all 

So just take a moment and pause 

As we do 

And get a clue 

Of things that have happened 

And continue to happen 

To us as a whole 

And many other events 

That may eventually unfold 

And are we the only ones 

That truly care 

Always aware 

Both here and there 

Feeling and experiencing  

The unfair 

From the nation of freedom and liberty 

But one that yet 

We can’t even wear 

Our own natural hair 

Among many other things 

We have never been allowed to ever do 

But the point here gets constantly missed 

With no one having a so-called clue 

Of any of this 

Even though for us 

It constantly persists 

And just soaked into the ground 

Along with moving about the air 

For I’m taking the time 

To make everyone aware 

For me and my people 

Live and breathe 

And reside in 

The land of despair 


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