Poetry By Design



For I 

Have my 

Very own poetic design 

That renders with the times 

Both now and before 

As poetry is the door 

Along with being 

The very roof and floor 

Of my poetic ambitions and home 

For poetry is something 

I will never leave alone 

As it is such 

A huge part of me 

And has made quite an impact 

On my life and the life of others 

For there is not another 

Art form or style such as this 

And letting my Floetry flow 

As it persists and consists 

Of fire and light 

Synergy and energy 

But with a healthy bite 

Of lyrical prowess 

And literary finesse 

Aiming for even bigger 

Poetic success 

Sending out shock waves 

And poetic carrier waves 

That I hope 

Will last always 

And merge with each 

Night and day 

As I 

Convey and put on display 

An array 

Of poetry that shines 

Sets fire to lines 

Be refined 

At all times 

Classy and fiery 

And with a proud style 

And poetic design 

That I can truly call mine 

And always on 

My poetic grind 

As many will find 

Both inside and outside 

Hidden and exposed 

For poetry 

Is what I’m supposed to do 

And always living  

In my poetic truth 

With soon to be 


Poetical constructs 

Poetical architecture 

Poetical structures 

With much poetic trust 

That I adore so much 

Love and passion as opposed to 

Poetic lust 

So just 

Eat my poetic dust 

As I 

Continue my poetic fight 

And push this poetic bus 

Even further down the road 

Than ever before 

And looking forward and towards 

To so much more 

Rip and roar 

Write and pour 

Speak and soar 

The boat and oar 

For poetry and me 

Have much to say and show 

Upon this repetitive encore 

Never bored 

With planned hoards 

Of poems coming this way 

And my dedication to this art 

Is all I wanted to say and relay 

To the entire world 

By each night and day 

And sway more interest 

To the art itself 

Even if I 

Have to do this by myself 

So, watch me and poetry 

Further dine and unwind 

Taking sips of poetic wine 

As my Floetry 

Moves with purpose 

Down the line 

And flowing all the time 

With much thought and effort 

Placed into this 

Constantly on the move 

And never froze 

As it soothes 

Each time I compose 

For I and poetry 

Just cannot resist 

As all will find 

And for a very long time 

For through poetry 

I cannot be denied 

As it and I 

Have been called upon 

And greatly defined 

For this is my tribute to the art 

Combined with my own style 

That I will continue to compile 

As I remain and maintain 

My remote and literary mind 

My critical and lyrical mind 

And indicating all of the signs

For this is the essence 

Of poetry by design 


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