Poetically Positioned



Poetically speaking and reaching

A vast array of audiences

Through my diverse writings

Being ever so inviting

Mending but never pretending

To be anything but me

Being fluid and living within my reality

Carrying out my poetic destiny

To be a constant

As my poetical works go undisturbed

For I realize

That with the times

I cannot afford to fantasize

But rather tantalize

Stay solid and fortified

With much poetic overture

As I remain flat down

And not moving with curvature

With an ode to poetry

And poetry’s ode to me

Is what I consistently

Experience and see

And turn the world upside down

The rewind and reversal

For my life through poetry

Is not a rehearsal

As I inject and move my Floetry

With purpose and urgency

Through energetic dispersal

Well beyond mere fractions

As the pen and paper

Await my extraction

Of thoughts and words

Lines and verbs

With much dedication

Literary vibrations

Lyrical sensations

Rhyme manipulations

And poetic fascination

As I’m in the right position

At just the right time

To shock the world

With poetic light and magnetic lines

As I’m poetically obsessed

And step to the challenge

When put to the test

With poetic ingress and egress

For poetry is the door

For poetry is much more

As it and I

Bleed and reek of success

Rinse and repeat

And safe to conclude

Because through poetry

I just can’t lose

And it’s what I choose

Every single time

As I continue to write and rhyme

And unleash poetic fire

With each and every line

And allowing my poetic light to shine

Ever so often

And quite regularly

Through all of my poetic renditions

As it is my

Daily and nightly nutrition

And will never falter or tire

Of my avid mission

For poetry and I stay

Poetically positioned


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