The Poet Within



A passion within

A fire within

For this thing called poetry

Staying with me

Through thick and thin

As I

Ignite even more originality

With a beginning and no end

Through my style called Floetry

Born a poet

Naturally a poet

And remember the day

That I awoke to this

And truly knew it

As me and poetry

Have evolved into

A single entity

A lyrical anomaly

With literary ingenuity

With the poetical predetermined

As my destiny

And the very path

Chosen for me

And just basking

Daily and nightly

In poemology

Not a task or trend

Not a fad or loss

But rather a win

Just living the poetic life

And on a written and verbal journey

That will never end

And will never question why

As this and more

Flies and rides

Lies and resides

All while watching me

And poetry kiss the sky

At anyplace and anytime

Just say when

As this and much more

Encompasses the poet within


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