The Poetic Chase



I chase poetry

And poetry chases me

From the very moment that I wake

Until I lay down and go to sleep

So just let me and poetry be

What we

Were intended

And as I live and breathe

This poetic mission

Will always be never ending

As I

Plan to further succeed

And light up this world

Through lyrical recipes

And floetic reciprocity

And continue to be


Coming from this poetic individual

And eventually

Become and leave

Behind a poetical legacy

For a poet laureate

Is who I be

And have earned this

In my own right

Through much passion

And fiery essence

Experience and lessons

Yet diligently

Shining a spotlight

Upon this world

And have done so lyrically

With much regard

For the art and literary

And aiming to be

As flawless as a pearl

When it comes to poetry

And my Floetry

Being both the root

And the tree

Along with the flying leaves

So, shall I proceed

To continue to provide

The very world what it needs

And is missing

Through the art of poetry

And go well beyond

Even what it seems

As I deem



Go between

With a poetic style

That flows as a constant stream

And be always in good taste

And even now I make haste

For poetry is cemented in me

And cannot be replaced

For I will always be

Quite crystal clear

Of my poetic mission and intentions

Through every rendition

Just in case

The world needed more confirmation

As I close with this poetic summation

For when it comes to poetry

You will always find me

Armed and ready

And steadily leaving a trace

For I am in pursuit and constantly on

This poetic chase


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