All I Want To Do



Is move


Self soothe

Be so smooth

Stay cool

Stay consumed

With poetic attitude

Intellectual aptitude

Reaching and aiming for

Radical and critical altitude

Just coming through

And running through

My veins

Rearrange the world

As my imagination runs ever so deep

That it just might lose you

When I travel and sink into

Depths and levels that I’m prepared to

Cater and harness enough energy for two

Breach and enter onto

New boundaries and borders

I’m more than willing to cross over to

And do what I have to do

For poetry is the path and destiny

That I choose

As I walk along this world

In many shoes

And also, being in a world where I

Always have something to prove

Like to win and not lose

Accepting of truths

And establishing my next

Chess position with each rendition

As I ooze and exude poetic excellence

And my poetical fire and desire

Is potent and evident

Staying focused on me

And blocking out the rest

Writing and reciting daily

And poetry is so inviting

As to release some stress

So, I can forego

Coming under duress

Striving constantly for poetic success

And accepting nothing less

As I rise with the sun

But escape into sunset

And will do this until

I have nothing left

And with my very last breath

Always keeping this close to the chest

Never checkers with my poetic endeavors

As I move each piece like chess

Moving pass any upset

And doing whatever I can

To stay at the top of my game

And remain at my absolute best

And to go down in history

As one of the best

To ever do this

With open hands and closed fists

For I cannot resist

And therefore persist

Yet refusing to accept anything less

For failure is not an option

Or a luxury I can choose

Because being a poet

In this life and world

Is all I want to do


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