Sky Bound



Waiting for every moment 

To take to the sky 

And looking forward  

To another day 

Without ever asking why 

For constant hope 

Is where I reside 

And heading towards 

This direction 

With each and every ride 

Getting up to speed 

As all engines are a go 

Just ready to leave the ground 

And take to the sky 

As I 

Look down to the land below 

Now I’m settling down 

After this take off 

And beginning to soar 

With no love lost 

From leaving the ground behind 

And to stay up here 

From here on out 

No matter what the cost 

Of rearranging life 

And to becoming better 

But never at the expense 

Of anyone else 

As I 

Continue this flight 

Despite the weather 

And stay consistent to the letter 

Constantly felt 

As I 

Ascend above the clouds 

And embrace the sunlight 

Feeling free and with no worries at all 

And not at all 

Fearful of losing altitude 

And plunging to a crash or fall 

As I 

Have leveled out 

And with much fuel and energy 

To spare 

All while enjoying and gliding 

Through the air 

Heading nowhere in particular 

But yet unable to fully describe 

Exactly how this seems 

For it is without compare 

Not running lean 

And banking left and right 

Up and down 

Through this airstream 

And vivid atmosphere 

Ever near 

And in this very moment 

It feels like the only place 

I ever want to be 

Is solely right here 

All smiles and no frowns 

Flying solo and not feeling down 

Just ecstatic  

And have formed a new habit 

As I have just found

All the while

I continue to see and be 

Sky bound 


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