For I Have Found



For I have found 

That in this world 

Beyond many leaps and bounds 

And taking the time 

To really look around 

Into all that surrounds me 

In all aspects of falsehoods and fantasy 

And in constant tug of war 

With actual reality 

In regards to much relativity 

As I bask in virtuality 


With every breath that I breathe 

With every image that I see 

And taken in through my six senses 

Yet feeling and absorbing 

The environment around me 

And among all the private thoughts 

Of my critical thinking 

And unspoken words 

That I haven’t felt compelled just yet 

To express 

Nor have they reached or breached 

The surface  

And deciding if I even should 


For it is understood 

That from a poetic sense 

That I should express 

All of the essence 

And send the whole world 

A lighted message 

Even in the midst of darkness 

With hopes that this will 

Always travel far 

No matter the place 

Or who people are 

For I have found 

Unspeakable evils 

Reeking and lurking continuously 

Throughout many upheavals 

For I have found 

Much destruction and chaos 

With anarchy just waiting in the wind 

And wandering when 

This will all come to an abrupt end 

As I  

Send out hope and better vibes 

That I hope will touch the sky 

And reach out to many lives 

Wiping tears from hurting eyes 

Even when many questions of why 

Go unanswered 

As suffering and poorness 

Runs throughout the veins  

Of people and this world 

Like a malignant cancer 

But yet I continue on 

And push on 

As I welcome in 

The breaking in of a new dawn 

With an avid mission 

And every intention 

To inject and push 

Light and hope 

In direct contravention 

Of all evil and vile deeds 

So, watch me 

As I proceed 

And determined to succeed 

In this area and arena  

Of our modern and current times 

For one must stand up for right 

For one must stand up for good 

And to make their every intention 

And purpose of this 

To be greatly understood 

By the entire world as we know it 

Walk it 

Know it 

Own it 

Show it 

Own it 

And feel absolutely  

Duty bound 

As this and so much more 

Is what I strive for 

And have always found 


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