Place Of Peace



Finding the place 

That allows for peace 

And displayed upon my face 

As inner happiness increase 

For I have finally arrived 

At my rightful place 

In this space and time 

As I now reside 

In a place 

That I can call mine 

With the option to share 

If I would like 

But do I really want to 

Share this light 

Or just keep it all for myself 

Because through life 

I have shared too much else 

To the point of merely losing 

Myself as a whole 

Trying to cater and alter 

Things that wind up 

Not being better at all 

For I refuse 

To watch myself 

Barrel down and fall 

And snowball for what 

For I must always trust 

My instincts and gut 

For when I do and have 

I would never go wrong 

As I would often do the opposite 

Just to get along 

With someone that more than likely 

I should have never indulged 

Or ever got involved with 

For in doing so 

Unhappiness and misery would persist 

For I have to and must exist 

Beyond the midst of company 

And do what is absolutely best 

Just for me 

All while seeking out 

And being about 

The things that make me 

Truly happy in this world 

As this must come from within 

And cannot depend 

On this coming from anyone 

Or anywhere else 

Except for self 

And getting to a point and place 

Where I can face my own self 

In the mirror 

And be proud of what I see 

Regularly and daily 

Often and nightly 

Realize and see 

That there is nothing ever wrong 

With truly looking out for me 

And coming in first place 

In my very own race 

And doing so at my pace 

With real happiness and contentment 

That can be easily seen and traced 

Instead of left feeling stagnated and out of place 

Out of sorts 

For the ball really is 

In my own court 

Leading to the path and journey 

That I look forward to traveling on 

With a smile at night 

And a smile at dawn 

Looking forward to another day 

Going in a desired direction 

And staying this way 

Not just for a moment 

But to roll all the time 

And finally, able 

To call my own life mine 

As I will find 

With this new and constructive 

Amount of time 

And watching as my happiness increase 

As I have finally arrived 

And glad that I now reside alone

Upon my very own throne

At my amazing place of peace 


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