Granite Release



Attempting and wanting 

To build something 

That will not only last 

But to go the test of time 

And the construction of 

Unrealized ideas 

Laced with prior fears 

But yet held most dear 

And close to the chest 

Needing the opportunity 

To showcase and emulate success 

Worried that the chance will not be afforded 

To live and be known for your very best 

And placing more pressure and stress 

On self as one measures 

Personal value and the openness 

Of bravery within just waiting  

To be shared 

And dare to be more of you 

Without compare or comparison 

To anyone else 

Releasing creativity 

And owning your true identity 

Yet hoping that this 

Will spell out and get carried 

Beyond just a dream 

But rather become a reality 

That you can actually touch and see 

Reach out and be 

Thinking critically 

And hanging on hopefully 

To all that you desire 

With what it takes 

To one day take you much higher 

Before you expire from this world 

And had left a mark behind 

That shined as a pearl 

With your efforts and energy 

Cemented down and in concrete 

With no stopping you 

As you’re a force to be reckon with 

And doing this far pass 

Your own personal benefit 

As you embrace and channel 

The prerequisite of this idea 

And with amazing works to follow 

That lets the entire world know 

That I am here 

I exist 

And my work will outlive me 

But continue to persist 

As if my very presence 

Was very much alive 

As if I never left at all 

Built on good 

Rock solid 

And polished 

With much construction 

To increase 

The creative bandit 

And you’re the eagle that has landed 

Refined and well done 

Through a granite release 


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