Slipped Between the Ice



So many things in this world 

Are horrible and nothing nice 

And many are sinking unknowingly 

Right in between the ice 

Living like 

Nothing is happening at all 

Around this world 

When this couldn’t be 

Further from the truth 

As denialism and cognitive dissonance 

Is at an all-time high 

And has anyone ever wondered why 

Would we truly and sincerely 

Know the truth if we saw it 

Right before our very eyes 

And is it better to be 

Comforted lying in lies 

Because of what we think we know 

As we are all creatures of habit 

And plagued by a variety of standards 

That often go nowhere at all 

When it comes to what’s best 

For one and all 

Being and getting more comfortable 

By the day 

With even more downfall 

As ignorance continues to be bliss 

And just what will we become 

After all of this 

Tripped up and slipping up 

But with no learning had 

From any mistakes 

As they continue to get repeated 

And going against any and everything 

That is truly needed 

Calling failures success 

And calling success failures 

For is the path ahead 

Really loaded with good intentions 

And true realistic endeavors 

Or just the appearance only of doing so 

As time will tell 

The difference between the good and bad 

That we believe we all know 

Hearts cold and froze 

And I suppose 

That real love and peace 

Is an afterthought  

Or something that most 

Have not come to know 

More than once or twice 

As so many things in this world 

Are horrible and nothing nice 

With many sinking unknowingly 

Having fallen down hard 

And have slipped between the ice 


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