Can be so liberating 

When you can feel free 

To express yourself 

Publicly or privately 

Noisy or even in 

The greatness of mere silence 

As poetry and the poet 

Often feel very balanced 

When interacting with one another 

For through poetry 

It gives and spreads an energy 

Unlike any other 

And being able to 

Write or recite  

Whatever comes to mind 

Whatever comes from the heart and core 

For poetry is the door

That opens one up

From the inside to the outside 

For poetry for a poet 

Is where freedom resides 

A peace that at times 

Can even be hard to describe 

As we lie in the comfort and grip 

Of the poetical art 

As it tends to dip 

Into the far reaches of our souls 

And allows for expression 

Of the shy and bold 

The brave and the untold 

And watching as lines and words 

Begin to unfold 

Unto the page 

And the pen on the rage 

As the poet and poetry 

Further engage 

In more ways than one 

For after the piece has been written 

And all is stated and done 

Sharing that which  

No longer remains hidden 

Within the recesses of the mind 

And heart within 

For through poetry 

Words have power and never an end 

For with poetry 

One never needs to pretend 

As you send and ascend 

Through the poetic 

And for a poet 

This is nothing short of magnetic 


And overstating 

The poetical 

The incredible  

As poetry is so edible 

To a poet and using the pen and paper 

To make it exist and come into being 

And hopefully legible 

And being able 

To be and feel free 

To write so eloquently 

And with great understanding 

Of poetry as we move along 

Within the art 

As poetry is the ultimate liberator 

And to be liberated all while 

Playing a very significant part 

That is beyond amazing 

Along with the absolute joy of writing 

For poetry is so much more 

Than just mere words and is very



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