Slowly Becoming



Am I 

Slowly becoming 

More of the despised 

Right before the opposite eyes 

That have seen me 

Through past times 

As I wander through 

Many aisles that have displayed 

Much lamenting and teary eyes 

From a people that are so  

Very deep inside of this world 

But have had their lives  

Twisted and twirled 

In countless ways 

And well beyond what 

Could even be explained 

And looking over  

And standing among 

Whatever remains 

Am I 

Slowly becoming 

Part of race and culture 

That is being consumed by vultures 

And conveyed in ways 

That have lasted 

Many years and days 

And trying to succeed 

To make more like me 

The very last of a dying breed 

For the question is 

Was there ever a need for this 

To continue to persist 

Well the answer here is  

An absolute no 

And from those that look like me 

Will gladly speak out and say so 

Am I 

Slowly becoming 

The true of artist of color 

And one unlike any other

That I want to be 

And do I truly feel free 

Enough to express myself 


In a world that barely 

Sees me and my kind 

As a human being 

Will my words matter 

Will my works see the light of day? 

Throughout all of the world’s 

Chit and chatter 

And the pit and patter of sounds 

That are all around 

That surrounds me and my thoughts 

As I aim to always be profound 

In every single way 

Do my words and lines 

Have real value 

In a world that sees me as less 

Even when I put forth 

My very best 

And would rather see me fail 

Than ever have any real success 

And fighting through it all 


Because I have to 

I choose to 

And will do so 

For as long as I can 

Despite the nation or land 

For through poetry 

I have the opportunity 

To become more 

Than just a mere man 

But rather a poetic symbol 

And with an emblem 

That will one day spell out 

And live out 

A poetic legacy 

That will become 

Much bigger  

Than I ever thought I could be 

As I leave 

My mark on this world 

Through poetry 

And my originality 

Having the affinity 

A constant duality 

That was always a shared reality 

Never pipe dreams  

Wishful thinking or fantasy 

And carrying on with 

My designated journey 

As I continue on this poetical journey 

And travel the path 

That was laid out for me 

Despite everything against me 

For I have to just be 

With no stopping or wavering 

As I continue on in this world

Just slowly becoming 


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