Slowly becoming 

As the process proceeds 

Moving along nicely 

And evolving indeed 

Gradually and steadily 

Forming into something 

That will eventually emerge 

And once this is completed 

I will begin to converge 

With the reality  

And the surroundings 

Around me 


Changing and rearranging 

A certain aspect of my life 

Moving and shifting things around 

All while adapting to what 

I will eventually become 

When all of this 

Is said and done 

The process of one 

Has begun 

But this is only the beginning 

To be and be over and over again 

For my ending is yet to be written 

Acquiring what has been missing 

For inside my remote mind 

I have stopped and looked 

Felt and listened 

Much critical and radical thinking 

Continues to rise and has risen 

Conveyed and displayed 

Throughout every literary and poetic rendition 

And on an avid mission 

To be  


Beyond what the world 

Will actually see 

And witness the transformation 

Happening regularly 

As the fire and energy 

Within me 

Continues to engulf and radiate 

To the outside of me 


Embracing the synergy 

Of what comes naturally 

Heart pacing 

Pulse racing 

And with much light  

In these brown eyes 

And to much surprise

For I have arrived

With looking forward and towards  

To the future that I’m facing 

Reaching and breaching 

Into higher levels 

Of elevation 

For this right here 

Is only a small description

Of my formation 


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