I Wandered Over Here



Seeing this place 

From a distance 

That I felt 

Just called me over there 

For through much observance 

I couldn’t help but stop and stare 

And becoming fully aware 

That such a place exists 

As I can kneel down 

And see all around 

Yet clutch the very ground 

Into both fists 

Vibrant dark colors 

Surrounding me 

For I’m unsure how I landed here 

And ever present  

In this environment and atmosphere 

Being ever so clear 

As all of me agrees with this consensus

And truly seems as it appears 

So serene and peaceful 

To me and my senses 

That upon my eyes 

Fell a small tear 

And breathing in the cool air 

But exhaling any doubt or fear 

Walking yet talking 

To whatever resides here 

And enjoying the calmness 

That this area provides 

And watching the small ripples 

Move about slowly 

Right before my eyes 

As I’m feeling some kind of way 

Inside and outside 

With chill bumps appearing 

As the cool breeze  

Caresses my dark skin 

For this is the place to be 

And feeling like it was made 

Just for me 

From this moment on 

No matter if I’m far away or near 

As the energy and vibe of this place 

Called out to me 

As I was given no other choice 

But to wander over here 


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