Within My Remote Mind



In most cases 

I usually remain 

And stay contained 

In my very remote and critical mind 

And in a poetical stasis 

For the vast majority  

Of the time 

But then there are moments 

When I have to step out 

For a little bit 

Because of everything I see 

Going on around me 

And because of this 

I sometimes throw an inner fit 

Ball up my fists 

When I bare witness 

Of so much wrong 

That consists and persists 

To keep going on 

From night to dawn 

And to rising of the sun 

Yet trying to really be someone 

In this world of ours 

And observing it 

Both from the ground 

And also, from my proverbial tower 

There in the moment 

And in the maroon hours 

Fixated on the reality 

The virtuality 

That have a tendency 

To mix and blend in with 

The constant duality 

And spilling my thoughts 

On all that surrounds me 

Staying to myself 

Most of the time 

And minding my own business 

But then something truly sinister 

Takes place 

And in this case 

And based upon 

The very tense movement 

That I can feel 

Just sitting still on my face 

Shocked and appalled 

That such things happen 

And are real 

For such things 

Do not appeal to my psyche 

Or to my subconscious mind 

And therefore, I must speak up 

Quite verbally  

And seriously vocally 

Grinding and unwinding  

Against hyperbole 

And wanting hope to shine 

For I cannot just sit idly by 

When even poetically 

I could do more 

With my back against the wall 


And fighting with every word and line 

That I combine 

In order to fight against 

A world that is so cold and sore 

Lyrically using the literary 

To find more ways 

To open more doors and windows 

To souls and hearts 

That need their very survival 

In this world rewarded 

Just for hanging in there 

As not much 

Can compare 

To the fighting and thriving 

Human spirit 

That we all possess 

And have to learn 

Despite all of the chaos and mess 

To not ever settle for less 

Than the very best 

And meet this will and devotion 

On a plain filled 

With much success 

While on our daily  

And nightly grind 

For this and much more 

Lies within my remote mind 


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