Reaching Out For Light

I truly hope the world can do this before it’s too late….




Living in a world 

That is chaotic at best 

But was never meant  

To be this way 

Seeing and witnessing 

Over time 

All of this form and take shape 

In ways that are a malignant cancer 

To all humanity 

Roaming the darkness 

Instead of light 

Looking for evil 

Instead of what’s right 

Hope drowned 

And peace is an afterthought 

With true love and care barely existing 

And racial harmony as wishful thinking 

Trying and attempting by the day 

And night 

To squash real happiness and living 

For those that seem mediocre or average 

Yet being completely savage 

And ravage 

While doing anything to get rich 

And live excellent 

At the cost of many 

Claiming that resources are low 

And pushing fear of scarcity 

When in actuality 

There is plenty to go around 

And more than enough ways 

For everyone to live and be good 

But this is something  

That is so misunderstood 

And prevented at every turn 

As we feel the burn 

Of mistakes and acts done purposely 

And refuse to change and learn 

But rather keep hitting 

The same brick walls 

Over and over again 

Seeing and feeling 

Yet embracing this at full capacity 

As the going and popular trend 

Critical thinking is barely alive 

But indoctrination and lies 

Is running rampant 

And moving swiftly 

At the blink of an eye 

While the whole world 

Is and has been for some time now 

On the brink of destruction 

And unfortunately, without 

Any interruption 

Vast deceptions and corruption 

Dark and unknown secrets 

As a constant invention 

As we travel  

Further and further away from the light 

Embracing more wrong than right 

Each day and night 

Feeling the bite 

Much oversight 

Grounded and can’t reach 

The proper height 

With depths and lines 

That should have never 

Been crossed or breached 

And shutting down anything 

That remotely resembles 

The proper correction and change 

Or a much-needed fight 

For much prayer and hope is needed 

In order to reach out to the light 


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