Bearing Witness



Am I here in this world 

Just to be a witness 

And bear witness 

Of things to come 

And bear the weight of memories 

Along with the experiences 

That have already occurred and done 

Much loss 

But who has really won? 


Or something 

When freedom in  

And of itself 

Barely rings if at all 

Many taking a dive and fall 

And not always aware of this 

From whom or what 

May have caused such things 

To be 

All around us 

And from what we see 

As we are in the middle of chaos 

Masquerading as pure fantasy 

And being fed into this 

As the actual reality 

When this couldn’t be 

Further from the truth 

Time to let go of 

And turn lose 

The noose of indoctrination 

And forego the established order 

Along with their dedication 

To continue to place everyone 

Underneath subjugation 

Affecting all people and nations 

Am I here in this world 

Just to be a witness 

And bare witness 

Of more evil to come 

More disaster and nefarious factors 

That are just as potent and lethal 

As a nuclear reactor 

And steadily causing a chain reaction 

With less and less peace 

And with no care or compassion 

Am I here in this world 

Just to be a witness 

And bear witness 

Of just watching the world 

Continue to fall further 

And further apart 

With peace and harmony 

Never having a start 

Watching the poor get poorer 

And the rich get richer 

Is anyone seeing the whole picture here 

As the world wreaks of fear and evil 

That is just circling the atmosphere 

In all directions 

With many life lessons 

Going unlearned 

As the sins and problems of the past 

Continue to wreak havoc 

To this very day 

But so many are ignoring this 

All while looking the other way 

And pretending it isn’t there 

Or doesn’t happen 

As long as it doesn’t affect them 

Personally, or lands in their backyard 

And it’s this type and kind of thinking 

That leads to nowhere good 

Or nothing good taken place 

As this is mostly the case 

From day to day 

For the only thing necessary 

For the triumph of evil 

Is that good men do nothing 

As I continue to look around 

Searching for this to happen 

Along with gathering more 

To join the cause 

For if we don’t do something different 

It will be our utter demise and downfall 

And just sitting idly by 

Watching it all take place 

In front of countless faces 

Among all cultures and races 

As this world of ours 

Is truly displaced 

At every angle and case 

And can be traced back 

To men with no conscious at all 

As their enthralled 

To bring this world to the brink 

And edge of disaster 

With many living and being on their knees 

And feeling the utter need 

Along with the gumption 

The assumption 

To think and believe 

Act and react  

As this seems better off instead 

With too many feeling blue 

And seeing red 

As the chaos further ensues 

And continues 

All while standing 

In expensive suits and shoes 

As the majority of the world 

Don’t even have a clue 

Of all of the evil going on 

Around us and that constantly persists 

For this and more just haunts me 

As I continue to bear witness 


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