Burgundy Outlook



Hiking and traveling around 

With many pictures took 

And seeing this view 

Both up and down 

As I take on  

And walk along 

This burgundy outlook 

For if this area 

Were in a book 

It would not do it justice 

For this is a place 

Where being clear and present is needed 

And observing this instant 

Rich in deep color 

And with an image like no other 

But before going any further 

I have to say this here 

For this could also be a place 

That may be very different 

Than it appears 

What if this place is bad? 

And is masquerading as good 

Yet all the while here alone 

Out here in the middle 

Of these mountains and woods 

Yet compelled to stay longer 

Even though I could leave 

From being curious and intrigued 

But far from being naïve 

As this place just seems 

To pull me in

But if it decided to kidnap me 

And hold me there 

What then? 

And what to do next 

Do I just accept my fate? 

And count whatever time  

I may have left 

Or is it just mysterious 

And leads to somewhere even better 

For all I would need to do 

Is get my bearings 

And keep my composure 

As I get it together 

And keep moving along 

For in this case 

About this place 

I could be right 

I could be wrong 

But I guess 

I will soon find out 

Whether this is a place to quickly exit 

Or be somewhere I never knew I belonged 

My mind is wandering 

And moving 

At a hundred miles an hour 

With my pulse also racing 

And deciding on which one is which 

For I hope to have 

My answer here soon 

Before the light turns to night 

And the darkness begins to loom 

As I’m so consumed  

With all of this right now 

But either way 

I can feel the situation turning somehow 

Like the twisted narrative from a book 


And patiently waiting around 

With only the good to be found 

Here in complete silence 

With nothing making a sound 

Not even a stream or brook 

On the ground but now moving up higher 

To scan over and look across 

This burgundy outlook 


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