The Pink And Blue Sea



There is a sea 

That is pink and blue 

Being what it was meant to be 

Showing and displaying much splendor 

And within a closeup view 

Calm and so serene 

Tranquil and harmonious it seems 

And wanting to set sail across it 

Or take a nice swim 

As it glares and gleams 

Both inside and out 

For one can’t help but smile 

All while being here 

Staring at it from all directions 

As the atmosphere seems  

To come down and meet with it 

For this is the kind of scenery 

No one wants to ever miss 

Pink shades and blue shades 

Just blending so nicely together 

For this seems like  

The dream of the perfect day 

Along with adequate weather 

That looks and feels right 

In every single way 

As here is the kind of place 

That would be very hard to leave 

Witnessing and embracing 

Yet taking in these two colors 

Before one’s face 

Away from the pink and blue sea 


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